about us

As a technology, video has the innate ability to present information. As a video production and design studio, SilverMagic recognizes that the goal of any presentation is to get the viewer connected with what they are watching.

We have the right blend of talent and drive to offer you strategy-based communication using Video medium. Being experts in this medium, we take care of the entire spectrum of production, professionally. When you hire us, you are assured of only of the best. Our team will first provide you a script, customized to the needs of your business. Right from reccé to editing, the team at SilverMagic Films takes care of the minutest details. This enables us to complete the assignment in given budgets and deadlines. Moreover, the expertise and experience of the team enable us to offer highly competitive rates, without compromising on quality.

Whether your piece calls for live action, computer graphics, animation, or a blend of each, we will deliver your message in a way that is sure to be remembered.

Our Team

The Founder

SilverMagic Films was founded by Devesh Vernekar, a professional copywriter, script writer and director with over 25 years' combined experience in leading advertising agencies and production houses. He was assigned senior positions in the creative departments of various agencies in Mumbai. Over the years, he scripted and directed corporate videos, AVs and commercials for leading brands in India, as also some local accounts. Today, he is known for strategy-based concepts and professional filmmaking. As a filmmaker, Devesh brings fresh ideas and directional inputs, which make his films memorable and result-oriented.

Executive Director | D.O.P.

Honed under the exceptional tutelage of the legendary K.Vaikunth, Suresh Suvarna has made a significant contribution to Indian Cinema with his brilliant cinematography. Annarth, a Sanjay Dutt/Sunil Shetty starrer, was his first foray into the Hindi cinema. This led to various memorable ventures like Dil Bechara Pyar ka Maara, Ho Sakta Hai (screened at Cannes Film Festival - 2005), Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha (a Basu Chatterji venture), Riwayat (won 2 awards at Monaco Film Festival, Best Screenplay, Best Film for Social cause/awareness) and many more. His English project Hidden (starring Chirstopher Atkins and Erra Fazira) was acclaimed for its mature cinematography.

Executive Creative Director

With a masters degree in English literature and a rich, multi-geographic experience across various domains of communication industry, Aashu Bharti is a creative director having forte in developing fresh concepts, capturing the right emotions and bringing out original ideas for any form of art that he deals with. Having worked in senior positions with production houses, advertising agencies, event management houses and also as an entrepreneur, he understands the nuances of every department of communication. As a video director, he has dealt with brands and companies like Today's ball pens, L&T, Bayer Group companies, Axis Bank, Siemens, Cadbury, Wonderland Amusement Park among many others.